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Liu Kang (MK11) is one of the fighters and story characters in Mortal Kombat 11. This page contains Liu Kang’s Fatalities, moves list, Brutalities and other important kombos.


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Liu Kang Finishers :Liu Kang Move List::
Fatalities Basic Attacks Gear
BrutalitiesKombo Attacks Kosmetics
Special Moves
ShorthandMortal Kombat Command
FDForward + Down
FUForward + Up
BDBack + Down
BUBack + Up

System Specific Inputs

ShorthandMortal Kombat CommandPS4 ButtonXbox One ButtonNintendo Switch Button
1Front PunchSquareXY
2Back PunchTriangleYX
3Front KickXAB
4Back KickCircleBA
L2Switch StanceL2LTZL
R1Interact with Environment/AmplifyR1RBR

+ indicates that both buttons should be pressed simultaneously, while: - indicates a separate input. What follows the use of: , is neither a simultaneous button press nor its own prompt but usually directs an attack with multiple variations.

Below you'll find Fatalities and Brutalities for the fighter Liu Kang

Liu Kang Fatalities

NameInputRarityHow to Get
Burn Out (Close)D - B - D - F - 1MortalDefault
Belly of the Beast (Mid)B - D - B - F - 2Mortal???

Liu Kang Brutalities

NameInputRarityHow to Get
The KlassicFinal hit must come an uppercut. Can't have blocked an attack during the match. Must hold down 2: D+2MortalDefault
Get ChuckedMust have more than 50% health. Hold F during hit. Final hit must come from Kusari Slam: D - B - F - 2MortalDefault
One Inch Death StrikeMust kill with the Third Parry in a match. Final hit must come from Dragon Parry: D - B - 3MortalKrypt

Liu Kang' MK11 move list is broken up into Basic Attacks, Kombo Attacks, Special Moves, and Abilities. See the input kommands below.

Liu Kang' Basic Attacks


(Video) Mortal Kombat 11 Walkthrough - Chapter 12: End of an Era (Liu Kang)
Attack NameInputDamageBlock DamageMove TypeNotes
Power Punch12.000.300High
Silent ChopB+13.000.450Mid
Low BackhandD+12.000.300Mid
Chosen Strike23.000.450High
Nunchaku StrikeB+24.900.750Mid
Kontei SlamF+25.000.750High
Rising ChakuD+214.002.100HighKrushing blow if this attack Counters or Punishes a High Attack.
Dragon Kick35.000.750High
Quick StepB+35.000.750Low
Double Dragon KickF+34.900.750Mid
Crouching KickD+31.00.150Low
Shaolin Spin47.001.050High
Chaku SweepB+47.002.100Low
Lotus StrikesF+46.751.050Mid
Dragon's TailD+43.000.450Low
Jumping Attacks
Fist of the Lotus15.000.750Mid
Dragon Claw27.001.050Mid
Heavy Heel3 OR 49.001.350Mid
Hop Attacks
One Ince PunchU - 1 OR U - 29.001.350Overhead
Flame StompU - 3 OR U - 49.001.350Overhead
Getup Attacks
Rising DragonU+25.000.750MidCan only be performed after being knocked down. Costs 1 bar of Defensive Meter and Offensive Meter.
Game of DeathU+39.001.350MidInvlunerable. Can only be performed after being knocked down. Costs 1 bar of Defensive Meter and Offensive Meter
Flawless Block Attacks - Can only be performed after connecting a Flawless Block
Rising DragonU+25.000.750MidCan only be performed after connecting a flawless block. Costs 1 bar of Defensive Meter and Offensive
Game of DeathU+39.001.350MidInvlunerable. Can only be performed after connecting a Flawless Block. Costs 1 bar of Defensive Meter and Offensive Meter
Toward ThrowB+L1 OR B+1+314.00N/AThrowKrushing blow triggers if opponent failed Throw Escape during previous throw.
Back ThrowL1 OR 1+314.00N/AThrowKrushing blow triggers if opponent failed Throw Escape during previous throw.
Roll Escapes - Uses 1 bar of Defensive Meter to perform Away Roll Escape
Forward Roll EscapeF+L2N/AN/AN/AInvulnerable. Uses 1 bar of Defensive meter.
Away Roll EscapeB+L2N/AN/AN/AInvulnerable. Uses 1 bar of Defensive meter.
Air Escape - Uses 2 bars of Defensive Meter to perform
(Air) BreakawayD+R2N/AN/AN/AUses 2 bars of Defensive Meter.

Liu Kang Kombo Attacks

Kombo NameInputDamageBlock DamageMove TypeNotes
Total Destruction1 - 23.000.450High
Twin Lotus1 - 2 - 35.000.750Mid
Dark OrdersB+1 - 2 - 46.751.050Mid
The Time has Come2 - 1 - 25.850.900Mid
Done Listening2 - 1 - 2 - 17.001.050Mid
Lost SoulB+2 - D+27.001.050Low
No Loyalty3 - 45.000.750High
A Quick End3 - 4 - 35.000.750Mid
This Will HurtB+3 - 45.000.750Mid
Dragon's BreathF+3 - 3 - 3 - 36.751.050Mid
Shaolin WarriorF+4 - 33.000.450Mid
Chinese WarriorF+4 - 3 - U+35.001.050MidKrushing Blow triggers if this Kombo Attack is a Kounter or Punish

Liu Kang Special Moves

Move NameInputDamageBlock DamageMove TypeNotes
FireballB - F - 1

Amplify with R1


Amp: 7.75


Amp: 1.600

(Air) FireballB - F - 1

Amplify with R1


Amp: 7.00


Amp: 1.880

Flying Dragon KickB - F - 3

Amplify with R1


Amp: 1.370

MidKrushing Blow Triggers if this move Kounters or Punishes from Maximum Range or a Kombo of (Air) Fireball into Flying Kick.
Bicycle KickB - F - 4

Amplify with R1

Further Amplify: R1


Amp: 4.00

Further Amp: 4.00


Amp: N/A

Further Amp: N/A


Amp: N/A

Further Amp: N/a

Krushing Blow triggers if Bicycle Kick has been Amplified 3 times in the match.
Fatal Blow
Enter the DragonL2 + R232.001.750MidArmor - 1 Hit

Liu Kang Abilities

With Mortal Kombat 11's use of of customizable abilities, keep in mind you can use many different variations and combinations of the following abilities included within your Special Moves:

NameInputWhat it DoesMove Slots TakenConflicts with:
Shaolin StanceD - D - 1Drop into a stance. Gain access to unique moves.1None
Energy ParryD - B - 2Destroy incoming projectiles1Nunchaku Stance
Nunchaku StanceD - B - 2Drop into a stance. Gain access to several moves and a projectile parry.2Energy Parry
Low FireballD - B - 1Throw a Fireball close to the ground.1None
Dragon FireD - B - 4Increases all damage dealt for a short time.1Shaolin Vanish
Dragon's Gifts ( Must have Dragon Fire equipped)D - B - 4Gain access to several special teleport attacks while Dragon Fire is active.1Shaolin Vanish
Dragon ParryD - B - 3Parry an incoming blow.1None
Kusari SlamD - B - F - 2Unleash a flurry of nunchaku strikes1None
Shaolin VanishD - UGain the ability to teleport1Dragon Fire and Dragon's Gifts.

Every Character in Mortal Kombat 11 features swappable pieces of gear along with various colors and varieties of costumes. You'll find all of these various pieces and costumes for Liu Kang here.

More coming soon...

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