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Spawn is one of the fighters and DLC Characters in MK11. This page will contain Spawn’s Fatalities moves list, Brutalities and other important kombos.


A former US soldier turned vicious hellspawn, Spawn is the last character in MK 11's Kombat pack. Armed with guns, chains, and his signiture cape, Spawn is a ruthless attacker whether up close and personal or far away. Click or tap one of the links below to skip to a specific section.

Spawn FinishersSpawn Move ListSpawn Gear & Cosmetics
FatalitiesBasic AttacksGear
BrutalitiesKombo AttacksKosmetics
Special Moves
ShorthandMortal Kombat Command
FDForward + Down
FUForward + Up
BDBack + Down
BUBack + Up
ShorthandMortal Kombat




Xbox One


Nintendo Switch


1Front punchSquareXY
2Back PunchTriangleYX
3Front KickXAB
4Back KickCircleBA
L2Switch StanceL2LTZL
R1Interact with

enviroment / amplify


+ indicates that you must press both buttons together, while - means the buttons must be pressed seperate to eachother in the order stated.

Below You'll find Fatalities and Brutalities for Spawn

Spawn Fatalities

NameInputRarityHow to Get
Rest in Pieces (mid)F - B - D - D - 2MortalDefault
Unchained (Mid)F - B - F - 4MythicCharacter Towers

Spawn Brutalities

NameInputRarityHow to Get
The KlassicFinal hit must come from D+2MortalDefault
SpearedFinal Hit must come from forward throw ( F+L1)MythicDefault

Spawn's Basic Attacks

Attack NameInputDamageBock DamageMove Type
Hellish Hook12.000.300High
Shroud StrikeB+15.000.750Mid
Low ClawD+12.000.300Mid
Straight Pain23.000.450High
Spinning K7F+25.000.750Mid
Rising capeD+214.002.100High
Chain Poke33.000.450High
Side KickD+31.000.150Low
Spinning Heel47.001.050High
Haunting ReflectionB+47.001.050Low
Devil's BootF+45.000.750Low
Necro BurstD+43.000.450Low
Jumping Attacks
The Betrayer15.000.750Mid
War Devil27.001.050Mid
Hell's General3 Or 49.001.350Mid
Hop Attacks
Leetha-LashU+1 Or U+29.001.350Overhead
Hammering ChainsU+3 OR U+49.001.350Overhead
Getup Attacks
The HuntU+25.000.750Mid
Flawless Block Attacks (can only be performed after a perfect block)
Flip KickU+25.000.750Mid
Nut PunchU+35.001.350Mid
Forward ThrowF+L114.00N/AThrow
Back ThrowL114.00N/AThrow
Roll Escapes uses one bar of defensive meter to perform roll escape
Forward Roll EscapeF+L2N/AN/AN/A
Back Roll EscapeB+L2N/AN/AN/A
Air Escape Uses 2 bars of defensive meter to perform
(Air) BreakawayD+R2N/AN/AN/A

Spawn Kombo Attacks

Kombo NameInputDamageBlock DamageMove Type
Back From Hell1 - 13.000.450Mid
D-E-D. Dead!1 - 1 - 27.001.050Mid
Soul Chamber1 - 1 - B+29.001.350Mid (Krushing Blow on Counter)
Fighting the PhlebiacsB+1 - 25.000.750Overhead
I'm Already Dead2 - 35.000.750Mid
Heaven and Hell2 - 3 - U+4 - 27.251.200Mid
Vaporizer's VisageF+2 - 13.000.450Low
Vacillator's DecisionF+2 - 1 - U+27.001.050Mid
The King of HellF+2 - 45.000.750Mid
Violator's WrathF+2 - 4 - 37.001.050Mid
It's about Power4 - 35.000.750Mid
For WandaF+4 - 1 - 37.751.200Mid


Spawn Special Moves

Move nameInputDamageBlock DamageMove Type
Necro BlastB - F - 1Damage

Amplified 6.00

Unholy VeilB - F - 211.001.370High
Soul Shattering War CubB - F- 18.00

Amplified 9.00


Amplified N/A

Fatal PhantasmD - B - 49.80

Amplified 13.55


Amplified 4.250

Fatal Blow
The Eigth Circle of HellL2 + R232.001.500Mid

Spawn Abilities

With Mortal Kombat 11's use of customizable abilities, keep in mind you can use many different variations and combinations of the following abilities included within your Special Moves.

NameInputWhat it DoesMove





Gun BlazingB - F - 1Fires a barrage of bullets upwards1Nothing
Blaze of GloryD - B - 1Low Parry that fires low shots1Plasm Pool
Plasm PoolD - B- 1Creates a pool that increases meter regen rate1Blaze of Glory
Hell ChainB - F - 2Grabs opponent with Spawn's chain1Nothing
(Air) Leetha GlideD - B - 2Spawn uses his cape to glide in the air1Nothing
Charging HellspawnB - F - 3Spawn charges forward at the opponent2Nothing
Raising HellD - B - 3Spawn Pulls a Fiery Chain from the ground1Nothing
Invoking the LegionD - F - 4Buff that lets Spawn use Fatal Blow early1Soul Forfeit
Soul ForfeitD - B - F - 4Sacrifices one bar of offensive meter for easy Krushing Blows1Invoking the Legion
(Air) Fallen AngelD - B - 4Spawn can perform a special attack in the air1Nothing
Lethal Leetha StanceD - B- 4Spawn enters his chain stance that gives him new attacks1Nothing

Every character in Mortal Kombat 11 has a wide selection of swapable gear, alongside various colors / varieties of costumes. You'll find all these gear pieces and costumes for Spawn here.

(Video) Mortal Kombat 11 - Spawn Gameplay Breakdown


Gear found for Spawn includes 30 varieties of his Battle Grieves, Vambraces, and Brooch & Mantles. Here you'll find a list of them and where to unock them.

Battle Grieves

NameWhere to Unlock
XaphanTowers of Time
AbraxisCharacter Towers
Ancient OmenTowers of Time
StolasCharacter Towers
Devil May CareCharacter Towers
Eternal MiseryCharacter Towers
Dragged to HellThe Krypt OR Premium Shop
AmaymonCharacter Towers
Hell on EarthTowers of Time
ZiminiarCharacter Towers
Dead After DawnThe Krypt
Fire and BrimstoneThe Krypt
ValacThe Krypt
OrobasCharacter Towers
Into the AbyssTowers of Time
UnholyCharacter Towers
ShaxCharacter Towers
EligosCharacter Towers
Hell BentCharacter Towers
MalphasCharacter Towers
RonoveTowers of Time
HaagentiCharacter Towers
DecarabiaTowers of Time
Gone to BlazesCharacter Tower
HellboundTowers of Time
Devilish DetailCharacter Towers
BelethTowers of Time
End of DaysTowers of Time


NameWhere to unlock
Hell Hath no FuryDefault
Wretched FutureDefault
SeirTowers of Time
BaphometTowers of Time
Divine InfernoTowers of Time
LeraieCharacter Towers
Angel's HearthCharacter Towers
OseCharacter Towers
Soul in AgonyCharacter Towers
MarchosiasCharacter Towers
Witching HourTowers of Time
DentalionTowers of Time
Fights like the DevilCharacter Towers
BathinCharacter Towers
Last RitesCharacter Towers
Satan's ClawThe Krypt
Hot as BlazesCharacter Towers
Prophecy RevealedCharacter Towers
FocalorCharacter Towers
Color of the DarkThe Krypt
Luck of the DevilTowers of Time
Marquis of HellCharacter Towers
InsidiousCharacter Towers
Nether WorldTowers of Time
GamiginCharacter Towers
ExcorcisedThe Krypt OR premium shop
Dead EvilTowers of Time
From HellTowers of Time
AndrasCharacter Towers
UnderworldCharacter Towers

Brooch & Mantle

NameWhere to Unlock
The OneDefault
Hell to PayCharacter Towers
Good and Faithful ServentCharacter Towers
Devil's AdvocateCharacter Towers
Heaven and HellCharacter Towers
Bootsy's MiracleCharacter Towers
Charge of CallindraThe Krypt
Baron of BluddCharacter Towers
The FreakThe Krypt OR Premium Store
Madness of ZeraTowers of Time
Soul CrusherThe Krypt
Knight of YorkCharacter Towers
Phlebiac HunterThe Krypt
NecroplasmatorTowers of Time
Dead Man's touchCharacter Towers
Death and RebirthTowers of Time
CrossroadsTowers of Time
Giving HellCharacter Towers
Dark DiscovererThe Krypt
New BeginningCharacter Towers
ResurrectorTowers of Time
AscenderCharacter Towers
RevelatorCharacter Towers
Heaven SanctionedCharacter Towers
Damned DevestationTowers of Time
KnightstrikeCharacter Towers
Rat CityThe Krypt
The Devil You KnowTowers of Time
Dead Man WalkingTowers of Time



Cosmetics in Mortal Kombat 11 include skins for each character, as well as cinimatic intros and victory outros, alongside the Fatalities and Brutalities listed earlier.


NameWhere to Unlockrarity
Angel of MercyDefaultElder
McFarlane ClassicCharacter TowersMortal
Vengeful ViolatorCharacter TowersMythic
Blood AngelThe KryptMortal
Angel of DeathTowers of TimeMythic
Blood Feud HunterTowers of TimeMythic
The ImpalerTowers of TimeMythic
Curse of ApocalypseThe KryptMythic
Lord CovenantCharacter TowersElder
Dark AgesCharacter TowersMythic
Cy-GorCharacter TowersMortal
Killer of EveryoneTowers of TimeMortal
Llanso's lamentCharacterElder
Blood and SalvationTowers of TimeMythic
Architect of FearTowers of TimeMortal
Coat of CogliostroTowers of TimeMortal
Anti-SpawnCharacter TowersMortal
The RedeemerCharacter TowersElder
Urizen PrimeTowers of TimeMythic
Shadow of SpawnThe KryptMythic
Misery MasterCharacter TowersElder
Undying UsurperCharacter TowersMortal
K7-leethaThe KryptMythic
New MalebolgiaTowers of TimeMortal
Sentry of GodCharacter TowersMortal
GunslingerCharacter TowersMortal
MammomThe KryptMortal
Lieutenant ColonelCharacter TowersElder
King of Rat CityTowers of TimeMythic
MalefickTutorial ModeElder
The Last Sin EaterCharacter TowersMortal
VrykolakasTowers of TimeMortal
Ghost of Al SimmonsCharacter TowersMortal
Clown SmackerCharacter TowersMythic
VindicatorTowers of TimeMortal
VandalizerTowers of TimeMythic
VacillatorTowers of TimeMortal
VaporizerCharacter TowersMythic
The DiscipleCharacter TowersElder

Character Intros

NameWhere to UnlockRarity
Dark GuardianDefaultMortal
ViolatedCharacter TowersMythic
NemesisCharacter TowersMortal
HellfireCharacter TowersElder

Cinimatic Victory Outros

NameWhere to UnlockRarity
King of HellCharacter TowersMortal
RetributionCharacter TowersMythic
UnmaskedCharacter TowersElder

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  • Characters: Roster, Moves, Fatalities, and Guides

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How do you get good with Spawn in MK11? ›

Best character to deal with Spawn at long range are characters with long low pokes that can go under 3,4 and good zoning. For example, Frost and Cetrion have solid long range pokes and unparryable projectiles. Both of them can also low profile Spawn's amplified fireball.

How to do Spawn fatalities? ›

To use Spawn's seemingly first Brutality, you simply need to end the round with a Forward+Throw input, then hit Forward three times during the animation. Spawn will run his sword through the back of his enemy's head and decapitate them in the process.

Is Spawn strong in MK11? ›

Spawn isn't a combo-heavy character, but that doesn't stop him from dealing big damage. His hardest-hitting sequences come from setting up Krushing Blows, and using his various tools at crucial times really feels like what Spawn's fighting style is all about.

Is there a secret character in MK11? ›

There's a hidden character lurking around The Krypt, and you might recognize him - if you can find him. To find this character's cameo, you'll need to progress to Goro's Lair, and have at found at least two Skeleton Keys - which are sometimes found in chests ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 Koins.

What is the point of Spawn? ›

(video games) A location on a game map in which a player, bot or item spawns.

What is the finisher for Spawn mk11? ›

Spawn Fatalities:
  • Rest In Pieces (Mid-Range): Forward, Back, Down, Down, X (PS4) / A (Xbox) / B (Switch)
  • Unchained (Mid-Range): Forward, Back, Forward, Circle (PS4) / B (Xbox) / A (Switch)
Mar 24, 2020

Is Spawn Marvel or DC? ›

Spawn is a superhero/antihero appearing in a monthly comic book of the same name published by American company Image Comics, as well as in a number of films, television series, and video game adaptations set in the Image Universe.

Can you unlock fatalities by doing them? ›

The best part about doing these 'locked' fatalities – once you successfully perform one, the game will automatically unlock it for you! So if you ever forget the inputs, they will simply be listed in the characters move summary.

Why is Spawn so powerful? ›

Powers and abilities. Spawn's body is quite dense, weighing over 450 pounds and is composed completely of necroplasm. This gives him superhuman strength, speed and durability. While he still has internal organs, they are only semi-functional, however their damage or destruction does not hinder Spawn at all.

Can Spawn be beaten? ›

Any attack Spawn makes with his powers Proteus can manipulate. He could drain away Spawn's power if he needed to and manipulate the matter that makes up Spawn's body. Spawn is powerful but Proteus has an answer for anything he can do and can easily defeat him.

Who is the most powerful fighter in mk11? ›

10 Best Fighters In Mortal Kombat 11, Ranked
  1. 1 Baraka. Baraka maintains the highest win percentage at the most competitive levels largely due to his lightning-quick counters.
  2. 2 Erron Black. ...
  3. 3 Frost. ...
  4. 4 Liu Kang. ...
  5. 5 Sonya Blade. ...
  6. 6 Jacqui Briggs. ...
  7. 7 Raiden. ...
  8. 8 Skarlet. ...
Jan 5, 2023

Does MK11 have cheat codes? ›

Since the original Mortal Kombat, cheat codes have been a defining feature of the popular fighting game franchise. Although Mortal Kombat 11 includes a helpful AI tutorial that teaches you how to perform fatalities, there are plenty of hidden codes, trophies, secret characters, and alternate endings to unlock.

Can you unlock Cyrax in MK11? ›

While Kronika, Cyrax, and Sektor can be unlocked via the Mortal Kombat 11 mod, and while they do have all of their unique abilities and moves, they may lack other moves, Fatal Blows, or Fatalities.

What is the highest damage mk11 combo? ›

Skarlet (Heart Piece)

With only 3 moves total, it can reach up to 45% damage without giving the opponent any chance to break. It is considered as the strongest guaranteed way to hit a fatal blow in Mortal Kombat 11.

What are the best abilities for Spawn? ›

If you play Kustom Soul Forfeit is a must for spawn. Easy krushing blows makes his throw game fatal and many of his special moves have krushing blows aswell. I use Hell chain and Blaze of glory in tandem.

How do you do spawns Fatality in MK11? ›

Entitled "Unchained," Spawn wraps the opponent up in chains, twists their body, rips their skin off, then covers them in his cape before they explode into several bloody pieces. To perform this Fatality, stand at mid-distance away and hit forward, back, forward, 4 (Circle on PlayStation 4 and B on Xbox One).

What powers does Spawn have MK11? ›

Spawn Abilities
NameInputWhat it Does
(Air) Leetha GlideD - B - 2Spawn uses his cape to glide in the air
Charging HellspawnB - F - 3Spawn charges forward at the opponent
Raising HellD - B - 3Spawn Pulls a Fiery Chain from the ground
Invoking the LegionD - F - 4Buff that lets Spawn use Fatal Blow early
7 more rows

Does Spawn have limited power? ›

Spawn has vast magical powers. Spawn has a limited power supply whose quantity would be shown to the reader in the form of a counter that began at 9:9:9:9.

Does Spawn have any weaknesses? ›

Weaknesses. If he taxes his Necroplasm too much, he will be sent to hell again. Will be killed by decapitation. Dead's Zone's render his abilities.

Is Spawn strong? ›

There's an argument to made for Spawn being one of the most powerful comic book characters of all time. He has the traditional strength, invulnerability and flight common to superheroes in addition to abilities like teleportation and telekinesis.


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